Genuine old Royal Marine specialisation or branch badge for a 3rd Class Landing Craft Marine. c 1950 note large size of gold wire badge for number 1's blue badge 35 mm across and also large size of the Khaki badge for the No.5 stone jacket

£15 each

Nice pair of matching  of Royal Navy gold bullion collar badges for a Chief Petty Officer Gunnery (Fire Contro)l


Genuine Naval cap badges on cap bands

Merchant Navy £20

Royal Navy Officers Queens crown £20

MBA Marine Biology Association ( Plymouth )  £25

HM Customs and Excise £20

Royal Navy Officers Kings crown WW2 £30

HM Customs and Excise £20

A selection of enamel and other regimental type badges in stock all £10 each.

Very rare WW1 home front enamel badge.Engaged in Government Work. Holman Brothers was a small engineering works in Camborne Cornwall specialising in Mining equioment and compressors .No dmage and buttonhole crecent type fixing SOLD

Nice original cloth insignia.
Pair of 26th Royal Engineers Group white horse formation signs

£25 the pair
Kings Crown warrant officers arm badge

Commando shoulder title


Rare Edwardian Garrison Staff gilt cap badge,Edward 7 cypher (1901-910) . This badge is similar to the Military Provost Staff Corps but this has no crown. Genuine cap badge